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About SOS Logistics

We strive to go beyond reliable logistics to offer you a delivery solution. Our service involves greener solutions that promote sustainable transportation. This helps us provide a service that helps in the acceleration of decarbonization.

Our mission is to develop a sustainable budding network that will empower various communities. Additionally, we are planning on coming up with the first and best carbon-neutral last-mile solution. The vision is to have a de-centralized platform that connects people to resources and opportunities seamlessly.

How do we do this? By investing in our truck and van drivers, eliminating overtime charges with seven days of delivery, ensuring fluent shipment management with automated technology, and protecting your precious goods with unbeatable insurance.

We have positioned ourselves at the forefront of promoting sustainable logistics by introducing greener delivery solutions. To ensure we do this right, we have partnered with EVCo — provision of electric-powered vans. The aim of the partnership is accelerate the conversion from diesel engines to green and sustainable electric vans. The result is decarbonizing the last-mile network, which leads to a new age of last-mile logistics anywhere in Singapore.

Being a community-driven last-mile logistics company, we engage communities by offering employment opportunities in our logistics network. At the end of the day, we strive to be as green as possible. In the supply chain, the last-mile is considered to be the lowest in efficiency. It accounts for approximately 30% of the cost of transportation. In conjunction with our consolidation efforts, this reduces the carbon footprint and overall costs of our last-mile delivery network.

As we seek to be revolutionary in the green logistics sector, we also offer on-time and reliable delivery. Furthermore, we ensure your goods are protected by using unparalleled insurance. Delivery is efficient because we use automated technology to ensure fluent shipment management.

Talk to us to know more and get a service that is green, efficient, and reliable.

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SOS Logistics goes beyond reliable delivery to offer you a logistics solution which can save you from hassle, worries, and long-term costs.

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